How are we making data work for customers?

We are completely focused on delivering business value through the use of data and analytics.  We do this by building a deep understanding of your organisation, using highly innovative and flexible delivery techniques deployed on the most modern architectures and building a capability to continually drive innovation with data.
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CDO Advisory and Data Strategy

Most organisations are broadly aware of the need to have some kind of data strategy and analytical capability to take advantage of the opportunities and competitive edges available to companies making data work, but many have struggled to define a roadmap or build enterprise momentum.  A Chief Data Officer role with responsibility for driving these initiatives can help, but not every organisation can hire into that role or find the right person.  We provide interim and advisory services to be your CDO in partnership, working flexibly to define the roadmap and build your data strategy. 
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Start with the business value

In our experience really delivering value through data and analytics has to start with business value.  We believe a comprehensive understanding of the business goals, processes, stakeholders, architectures, technology and data is the key starting point and enables us to identify areas of value and innovation and also helps drive common goals and strategy across departments.  That's why we start our engagements with the Making Data Work Report - click here for more information on this service, or register below for your free version.
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Deliver quickly, repeatably and flexibly

Once you've identified the opportunity it's essential to get it to market quickly and scalably.  We have a proven process for doing this, using the latest data preparation, data storytelling and cloud provisioning techniques to rapidly prove value.  Once we've demonstrated the potential return we deploy a flexible, multi-skilled and highly expert team working collaboratively with your organisation.  Our delivery model is based on a standing capability rather than individual resources, using rotating teams of experts led by a solutions architect and/or technical lead, and we flex and change the skills to meet the needs of the delivery.  

At CDO Partners everything we do is focused on delivering value through the use of data and analytics.  Too often business decisions are taken without the right kinds of information to ensure success or to measure outcomes, and too often investment is made in data and analytics without a clear return. 

Using our experience working with organisations around the world we've designed services and engagement models to meet these challenges and ultimately to help customers in making their data work.

Morgan McCarthy CDO Partners

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Making data work is not a one off project but about building a capability

Moving quickly and delivering flexibly shouldn't come at the expense of scalability, robustness and alignment with enterprise governance.  Alongside our delivery approach an executive architect reviews the governance processes, architectures and structures required to not just deliver a one-off solution but to enable and define a ongoing capability.  This can be supported and supplemented by onsite support fromf ull time consultants to take care of business as usual tasks and by part time engagement from an architect to keep everything on track.