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We have a set of core beliefs about the way organisations should be looking to use data, and the way in which those capabilities should be built and maintained.  Our service model, developed over years of experience working at hundreds of major enterprises around the world, is designed specifically to help organisations in making their data work successfully.

Making Data Work Report


The first step to any long term partnership should always be getting to know each other!  In order to really make data work, it's essential to have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the business, structure and technology across a range of different aspects.

Using our ten-point framework, described in more detail here, we're able to quickly map out your organisation with respect to data capabilities and our internal team of experts will apply all of their cross-industry, technology and delivery experience to look for opportunities to become more efficient, effective and innovative.

The value of this report is that once we've reviewed your goals and your current state, brought to bear all of our expertise, network and use cases, we're able to produce a tailored and comprehensive roadmap for your organisation and how you can start really making data work.

Embedded Delivery

Prove value first!

Once we've developed an in depth understanding and agreed priorities and a business case, it's time to prove the value.  We start by using advanced techniques and tooling, using cloud platforms to rapidly prepare the data, and work with the ultimate end user on data storytelling.  This means before we begin on delivery through the fully governed execution layer, we can be certain of the value, and can benchmark so once delivered we can go back and see "Was it worth it?"

Delivery Model

In line with our belief that making data work is not a one-off project abd that it needs a varied cast of experts, we've developed a delivery model based around:

  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Subject matter experts rotating into the team as required
  • Long term planning and partnership

The way we do this is to deploy a core team, starting with a part time architect and full time lead, on a rolling monthly, quarterly or annual engagement.  As the delivery moves forward we can flex the team and skills as the project needs.

Delivery Framework

Once we've proven the value, we work with your teams to deploy to your production process, working together to build governed and robust architectures and processes in line with your organisation's needs, working in iterative, agile and flexible 4-6 week cycles to keep the momentum up.

Governance and Production Hardening 

Delivering value quickly is hugely important, but it's essential to do so in a way that can fit with broader governance around data, architecture and business process.  A major part of the embedded Solutions Architect's role is to review the governance, change, delivery and support aspects assessed in the MDW Report and work with your organisation to ensure that what is built has the most efficient and effective governance and architecture in place to ensure robustness and scalability. 

Was it worth it?

A key part of making any decision is reviewing the outcomes - did we make the right call?  Using the business case identified in our Proof of Value, and the benchmarking we did, we are able to use the fully implemented systems to validate that we did indeed realise value from the exercise, and helping drive and define the next initiatives.

Ongoing Change, Support and Innovation 

Once you've proven value, built the solution and deployed it to your users its essential that you don't stop innovating and driving with your data and analytics capability.  All too often we've seen organisations build world class data and analytics applications, then put them into an operational support mode or "business as usual".  This often results in the value and relevance of the solution rapidly falling off as it ceases to change in line with the business needs.

This is why we provide a service where we embed one of our consultants into your team, supported by the core team for consistency, to continue to drive change and innovation with your capability to avoid the drop off.  

Team Augmentation

In addition to our primary engagement models we can provide small teams of experts or individuals to work within your existing teams, providing an injection of specific expertise and experience.  This is a highly flexible, time and materials model for as short or as long a period as required.  

Expert Services

While our primary engagement model is focused around long term engagement, partnership and deep understanding of your business, we also recognise that sometimes a quick fix is needed to just get over a peak in the project, or out of a hole.  With our Expert Services model you can engage one of our expert team for anything from an hour upwards to tackle particular issues that just need some quick triage and advice.

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