Making Data Work Report 

The starting point of our engagement with organisations is the MDW Report, it forms the foundation of the partnership and the roadmap for how we can work together.  This is designed to help us really get under the skin of an organisation, understand the goals, challenges, solutions tried and preferred approaches.  We can then apply our experience and expertise to the findings to build a tailored, innovative and comprehensive set of recommendations.

The MDW Report follows a framework developed over years of working with customers on their data and analytics capabilities and, depending on the scale and scope, usually takes between a minimum of two to four weeks to complete.  Throughout the engagement we review the following key areas:

  • Business Goals
  • Business Processes
  • Business Applications
  • Users and Usage
  • Change and Governance
  • Delivery and Support
  • Architecture
  • Tools and Technology
  • Data
  • Infrastructure


The initial part of the engagement is to work closely onsite with you to go through all of the key areas in the framework.  We look at the current state, issues, opportunities and challenges, solutions attempted and in use and preferred approaches.  This takes the form of interviews with sponsors, key stakeholders, users and process owners; document reviews and analysis of artefacts.  


Once the initial assessment is complete, we then take it away and conduct an in-depth review with our team to overlay our experience, expertise and understanding of market and industry trends to spot opportunities for making  data work.  We use our team of experts, our industry network, our knowledge of use cases from around the world and our strategic alliances with vendors and analysts to spot those opportunities and identify areas of value across the full breadth of the landscape.  

At this stage we begin to sketch out the business cases associated with the opportunities, looking at where efficiency, effectiveness and innovation could make a difference.


Once we're confident we've covered each area, we report our findings in workshops and sessions with the key sponsors and stakeholders to talk through where making your data work could have an impact.  At this point we work collaboratively to agree on priorities and next steps, and start to plan how to deliver, sustain and continue to innovate with these capabilities.  This involves workshops and rework of the report and a definition of priorities and the potential value.