What does Making Data Work look like?

Here's some examples of the kinds of solutions we've delivered as part of our Making Data Work for Less style engagements.  These are all genuine use cases we have delivered for small or medium businesses within the same delivery framework including:

  • Initial workshop
  • Integration of data sources or extracts
  • Rapid build of visualisations in Tableau
  • Online hosting and maintenance

The data has been changed in most cases and there's some dashboards we won't be publishing where there is commercial or sensitive insights, but we hope these give an idea of how companies are working with us to make their data work for less!

[fa icon="plus-square"] Making Data Work for Brighton - Growth of Demand for Digital Skills

These dashboards were built for the Wired Sussex Talent 2017 festival.  We used data from job boards to show the increase in demand of job types in Brighton over the last 10 or 15 years.  You can read more about this here

This was used to help businesses and individuals understand local demand and the impact on the job market for salaries, availability of skills and training needs.


[fa icon="plus-square"] Making Data Work for SMEs - Financial Performance

We built this dashboard for a startup business in our accelerator.  They wanted a way of showing progress to targets for key financial performance metrics to investors, employees and executives in order to decide where to focus.  

[fa icon="plus-square"] Making Data Work for Charities - Donor Dashboard

We built this dashboard for a charity who wanted to know who their donors are and when and how they should best engage with them.  All the data in this example is mocked up.