Coffee - more expensive than making data work

Get value from your data for less than the cost of a daily coffee

We strongly believe every business, large or small, should be looking at how they can put data at the heart of their business model so they can start building and exploiting data capital.

One thing we've found with our customers is while most larger organisations have developed some kind analytics capability and are some way along the journey to making their data work, many smaller organisations are struggling to get started.  Sometimes this is due to lack of capacity and expertise, and sometimes due to concerns about the potential value or the complexity involved.

We are confident that anyone can drive value from their data, provided they have the right capability, platform, and support. To prove it, we've been working with a range of small and medium enterprises to rapdily uild data-driven applications for incredibly low investments.

In our experience it is possible to rapidly make a difference by focusing on key metrics and measures that drive the business. We were able to help by:

  • Increasing efficiency by reducing the time taken to manually produce reports and analyses in spreadsheets
  • Driving effectiveness gains by enabling executives to make operational decisions with the information at their fingertips 
  • Helping make transformational decisions across customer engagement, product development and operations through combining disparate data sources together in one view

Click here for examples of how we make data work!

 As a result of this experience we've developed the Making Data Work for Less service; a low-cost, subscription based service designed for SMEs to become data driven.  For a 12 month subscription starting at an introductory price of just £95 per month (normally £150 per month) your business can become truly data driven, and we'll work with you to:

  • Analyse your business in a workshop to understand the vital metrics for your organisation
  • Integrate up to 2 data sources to build the supporting data elements
  • Design and develop a dashboard and visualisations in Tableau, the world's leading data visualisation platform
  • Provide a fully managed, secure, hosted analytics application with single user access

It's well established that companies who use their data perform better than their competitors, and with this service every company can start making their data work.

For more information or to have a conversation with one of our team please fill in the form below or contact us on or call 0333 939 9978.