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The Future of Making Data Work

A key part of our work at CDO Partners is identifying, developing and nurturing a highly motivated and talented team.  To deliver this goal our strategy has been to develop an academy focused on building the skills, capabilities and competencies required to really make data work.

When we hire new trainee consultants or graduates they join our Making Data Work Academy, a training programme designed to give them everything they need to be ready to help our customers.  It's a 13 week programme, covering all aspects required to deliver value from data.

Consulting Skills

Being able to effectively work with customers to deliver value from data required is one of the most essential skills we train our new team members in.  Internally we have a series of frameworks and practices we've honed over time including:

  • Frameworks for managing meetings
  • How to manage workshops 
  • Stakeholder engagement models
  • Operational frameworks 

To help develop the team's capabilities further we work with the phenomenal Richard Reid and team at Pinnacle to help give our team the right kinds of characteristics to help them deliver.  Richard has developed some amazing programmes aimed at bringing out the best in teams and individuals looking at:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Active listening
  • Focus and presence

Delivery Skills

Its one thing to talk about Making Data Work, it's quite another to actually make it happen.  We focus on the use of frameworks to give our team the solid foundations they need while allowing them to express creativity and autonomy.


When researching the right way to deliver our projects, we found that we really identified closely with the approach, principles and values of the Scrum framework - particularly the focuses on transparency, inspection and adaptability and also the core values.

Our team have frequent training and coaching sessions from the brilliant Agility International - particularly with their Scrum for BI training course which we definitely recommend.  So far we have a 100% pass rate for the Professional Scrum Master certifications so they must be doing something right!  


Making Data Work Framework

The CDO Making Data Work Framework is the backbone of how we understand our customers' landscape, opportunities, issues and solutions.   All of the MDW Academy are coached in using this framework to help organisations identify where they can be making data work and how we can help.

You can download it for free here with some notes and example questions.  

Technical Skills

It's essential that all of our team members have strong competencies in all of the tools and technologies we have either partners with or chosen to deliver with.  We invest a lot in getting our team trained and certified in these core platforms to ensure we can deliver effectively, efficiently and sustainably.  We currently hold certifications in:

  • Alteryx
  • Tableau
  • Squirro
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Statistical modelling

You can check out our partner page here.


Internal projects

Towards the end of the Academy the team are given an internal project to do and asked to put everything they've learned into practice.  We operate it as a real project, using the scrum framework and giving the team full autonomy to deliver.  

Secondment at Partner Organisation

In their first year we make the Making Data Work Academy team available to clients for full and part time secondments to help organisations accelerate their analytics delivery with an embedded team member.  The MDWA team are available for full and part time secondments for rates starting as low as £300 per day for projects of any size and scope.

We're always looking for customer partners who would like to work with our MDWA team - if you'd like to register your interest in seconding one of the team click the link below!

Are you an organisation that needs a hand with data and analytics?   Click here to register as a partner for the MDW Academy

Morgan McCarthy

Founder and Managing Director

In order to meet our goal of helping organisations make their data work, it's essential that each and every one of our team is confident and capable of delivering value from the start.

We've designed the MDW Academy to ensure that when a client engages with a CDO Partners consultant they can be certain of the quality and delivery they'll get at any level.