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Flexpertise July Update: Feedback Enrichment, Churn in Tableau & Alteryx Price Elasticity Modelling

[fa icon="calendar'] 26-Jul-2018 15:37:59 / by Robert Bramwell posted in Company Update, Making Data Work, data, 2018, Customer Service

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We're excited to celebrate the first successful quarter of Flexpertise, our new subscription service offering hours-based advice, training and support from our qualified Tableau & Alteryx consultants. We've already solved some fascinating challenges for our clients, including churn, elastic pricing, CRM utilisation and many more.

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Tableau Prep - Our First Impressions

[fa icon="calendar'] 27-Apr-2018 11:59:00 / by Oli Skinner posted in Company Update, Making Data Work, Tableau, Tableau Prep

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Tuesday saw Tableau finally release their long anticipated data preparation tool, alongside their Tableau 2018.1 update for desktop.

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Using data to close the gender pay gap

[fa icon="calendar'] 18-Apr-2018 11:23:06 / by Morgan McCarthy posted in Company Update, Making Data Work, Tableau, data, "alteryx"

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We've recently been working with a range of organisations to help with preparing and analysing their data for submission to the government's Gender Pay Gap reporting service.  Beyond the regulatory requirement to report the data, there are significant benefits to using data to understand your gender pay gap, including:

  • Get ahead of future regulatory compliance
  • Be able to rapidly identify not just what the issues are but how and why they occur
  • Reduce risk of legal and reputational damage
  • Demonstrating a transparent and fair organisational culture
  • Improved company image helping hiring and retention 

Below you can find our interactive visualisation of the submitted data, with a breakdown by industry, company and region - see where your company compares! 

We'll be publishing more on this in the coming weeks on this topic but if you'd like to explore the data further or get in touch to discuss how we can help check out our services page for more information.

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Accelerating Our Data Prep With Alteryx

[fa icon="calendar'] 15-Mar-2018 14:25:00 / by Robert Bramwell posted in Company Update, Making Data Work, data, 2018

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We're proud to announce that our consultants are now officially certified in Alteryx, a brilliant data-wrangling tool that massively streamlines the process between data collection and valuable insights. 

Historically, data preparation has been a lengthy process. From the days of clerks all the way up until the 21st century, people have been laboriously plugging away at tables and spreadsheets, often taking hours or even days to execute the most simple of tasks. Some businesses still spend hours of analyst time just moving cells around to format their data in a way that is useful. These days that's not necessary as we have powerful tools such as Alteryx to get the data faster from source to insight. 

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Tableau Conference On Tour 2017: New Features In Tableau 10.3

[fa icon="calendar'] 03-Aug-2017 10:26:18 / by Robert Bramwell posted in Company Update, Agile, Tableau

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June saw the data visualisation event of the year: Tableau Conference on Tour 2017. CDO partners had the pleasure of attending, and we're pretty excited to use some of the cutting edge features that Tableau 10.3 has to offer:

One of the most useful is the ability parse PDFs for data tables. Rather than importing them into a scripting environment, parsing, reshaping (and RegEx-ing) the raw text, you can now skip all that and import data tables straight into Tableau. In previous blogs we wanted to blend external data in to contrast against our native dataset, although the data only existed in PDF online.

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Launch of CDO Partners Blog

[fa icon="calendar'] 13-Oct-2016 15:03:04 / by Morgan McCarthy posted in About CDO Partners, Company Update

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Hi!  Welcome to the CDO Partners Blog.  We're a consultancy focused on making data work for customers; delivering business value through the use of data and analytics solutions.  We work with organisations to:

  • Identify opportunities to deliver business value
  • Rapidly prove the value using the latest approaches and technology
  • Build and deploy enterprise-grade solutions, architectures and processes
  • Build ongoing capability to support and continually drive innovation 

Over the next few weeks we'll be writing a series of blogs about how we work with customers to identify value using our Making Data Work Report, how our Delivery model enables us to prove value quickly and deliver consistently and flexibly and how our ongoing Innovation and Support service ensures customers continue to drive value from their capabilities by driving innovation through data and analytics.

We'll also run a series about How We're Making Data Work For..., where we will describe our solutions, case studies, examples, customer stories and most importantly business value.

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