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The Future of Revenue Management: Elastic Pricing Using Analytics

[fa icon="calendar'] 23-Aug-2018 15:30:00 / by Robert Bramwell posted in Agile, 2018, "alteryx", Customer Service, Revenue

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The Importance Of Pricing:

Pricing your goods & services right is essential to making a business profitable. It affects every element of the sales cycle, from attracting customers to sealing deals. Even so, many companies make these decisions from gut feeling or on the back of a napkin at best . Such a crucial element of business success can't be left to chance in today's environment so what if it were possible to predict exactly the right price to maximise your revenue? The answer lies with data. 

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Great Customer Service - Part Two Reducing the Cost With Data

[fa icon="calendar'] 16-Aug-2018 15:20:00 / by Josh Stickland posted in Making Data Work, Agile, StorytellingWithData, Customer Service, Delivery

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As outlined in the previous post, there is an increasing cost of dealing with customer queries and complaints. A cost that can potentially be millions, but is something that can be fixed.

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Tableau Conference On Tour 2017: New Features In Tableau 10.3

[fa icon="calendar'] 03-Aug-2017 10:26:18 / by Robert Bramwell posted in Company Update, Agile, Tableau

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June saw the data visualisation event of the year: Tableau Conference on Tour 2017. CDO partners had the pleasure of attending, and we're pretty excited to use some of the cutting edge features that Tableau 10.3 has to offer:

One of the most useful is the ability parse PDFs for data tables. Rather than importing them into a scripting environment, parsing, reshaping (and RegEx-ing) the raw text, you can now skip all that and import data tables straight into Tableau. In previous blogs we wanted to blend external data in to contrast against our native dataset, although the data only existed in PDF online.

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