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Tableau Conference Europe 18 - CDO Partners Reflection

[fa icon="calendar"] 20-Jul-2018 16:00:00 / by Josh Stickland

Josh Stickland

This month we saw the return of the data visualisation event of the year; Tableau Conference Europe 18. We at CDO Partners had the privilege to attend for the second year in a row, returning with our now expanded team.

This years conference exceeded our expectations and our new team members were thrilled with the experience.


After enjoying a few packed days of learning, listening and networking with some interesting people, it's time to reflect on what was a great few days.

Here are a few of our highlights of TC18.


The People


Tableau is a globally used product and being at TC18 you really get a feel for the vast use and appreciation of the software.

People travel not just from Europe, but from all over the world to gather alongside other data enthusiasts to share knowledge and experiences. Users, clients, sellers and competitors all share openly and interact freely with a collective enthusiasm for each others work. Not everyone who attended lived and breathed Tableau, which only added to the diversity and range of knowledge on show. The atmosphere is contagious and even the most stern attendee would find themselves becoming entangled in the positivity that runs throughout the conference.

Every person we had the pleasure to speak to was friendly and insightful with some great ideas, which was a great environment for sharing and learning. A really valuable part of TC18 was being able to engage and interact with such a diverse group of people from all different industries and backgrounds.

The helpful and welcoming online community was more than reflected in the flesh at TC18. This is one of the key features that comes with Tableau, something that will keep driving people to use and develop with the tool for many years to come.


The Talks


From hands on learning to gripping case studies, this years standard of talks was typically exceptional. A diverse choice of interesting and exciting talks meant for busy days that flew by. Many talks were so popular that people resorted to sitting on the floor around the room, not wanting to miss out on the expertise being shared, whereas some were much quieter allowing for a more intimate environment, but all were equally insightful and engaging.

The range of topics on offer and skill levels required meant that everyone's needs could be satisfied. No matter what you came there for, there was something for you to see. Some our favourite talks included:

We highly recommend you check these talks out, and from there you can find all of the talks from the conference.

The speakers leading the talks were excellent. Every session we attended we were met with detailed knowledge, engaging presentations and a light-heartedness that meant we could enjoy and learn at the same time.

Although some of the talks were heavy in technical skills, the length of them meant that you were never overwhelmed. We all attended sessions in every available slot but still managed to get through the day with enough energy to see us through to the evenings, where the conference becomes more of a party.


My Takeaways



The culture surrounding Tableau is full of people willing to share and grow collaboratively. Being a part of this allows you the opportunity to develop new ideas, find new partners and drive growth of your company with Tableau. A thriving community is at the heart of the Tableau culture, encouraging and helping people tell meaningful stories with their data and derive the most value from it. 


Clearly Tableau is already a widely used product, but the way in which it is being used for more than just visualising data is apparent. Companies are using the analytic capabilities it provides to make better decisions and solve complex issues. A prime example of this was demonstrated in Dr Helen Adams' session where she talked attendees through how she utilised Tableau to find the route cause of a medical outbreak in Wales. Although her visualisations may have been "simple", they demonstrated the capacity for solving real-life complicated problems that so many people are using Tableau for. 


Through many of the talks we attended and people we spoke to, it was obvious to see that people were keen to expand the capabilities of Tableau further. Integrations such as Data Robot are driving the analytic potential Tableau has, opening doors into statistical modelling and predictive analytics which had previously been seen as beyond Tableau's purpose. Tableau are facilitating this with the introduction of Dashboard Extensions which allow users to interact with data from other applications from a dashboard.

With the announcement of next years Tableau conference being hosted in Berlin, I'm sure that it will continue to exceed everyone's expectations and deliver on multiple accounts.

We'll see you there!

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