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Using data to close the gender pay gap

[fa icon="calendar"] 18-Apr-2018 11:23:06 / by Morgan McCarthy

Morgan McCarthy

We've recently been working with a range of organisations to help with preparing and analysing their data for submission to the government's Gender Pay Gap reporting service.  Beyond the regulatory requirement to report the data, there are significant benefits to using data to understand your gender pay gap, including:

  • Get ahead of future regulatory compliance
  • Be able to rapidly identify not just what the issues are but how and why they occur
  • Reduce risk of legal and reputational damage
  • Demonstrating a transparent and fair organisational culture
  • Improved company image helping hiring and retention 

Below you can find our interactive visualisation of the submitted data, with a breakdown by industry, company and region - see where your company compares! 

We'll be publishing more on this in the coming weeks on this topic but if you'd like to explore the data further or get in touch to discuss how we can help check out our services page for more information.


Visualisation of the Gender Pay Gap Data

The visualisation gets slightly squished in our blog format so to explore click on the full screen button to expand it to full size.


How to use data to close the gender pay gap

A number of organisations we have engaged with had been struggling to get their data ready for submission (evidenced by the amount of businesses submitting on the deadline day), and have found it even more difficult to perform any meaningful analysis.  We've been working with our chosen technology partners Alteryx, Tableau and Squirro to help with this and enable them to:

  • Collect and capture data across distributed organisational structures
  • Clean and integrate diverse data sets
  • Analyse the data to provide a narrative to report internally and externally
  • Drive actions to address any issues highlighted in the data

We're now working with several customers to extend beyond simple snapshot reporting of compensation to bring together a much broader set of information to really understand how these gaps are happening:

  • Job family and type
  • Promotion and progression
  • Absence and leave
  • Region and department

Finally we're in the process of analysing semi-structured information contained in appraisals, grievances, notes, emails and other documents to really get to the root cause of specific scenarios.  With the complete picture then companies can start to predict and deal with issues before they arise.


The gender pay gap is a hugely serious issue that shines a light on a range of issues and challenges for organisations, and we really believe that using data to approach this empirically is the way to tackle this.

To explore the data further or to see how we can help visit our page for more details:

Making Data Work for the Gender Pay Gap

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