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Accelerating Our Data Prep With Alteryx

[fa icon="calendar"] 15-Mar-2018 14:25:00 / by Robert Bramwell

Robert Bramwell



We're proud to announce that our consultants are now officially certified in Alteryx, a brilliant data-wrangling tool that massively streamlines the process between data collection and valuable insights. 

Historically, data preparation has been a lengthy process. From the days of clerks all the way up until the 21st century, people have been laboriously plugging away at tables and spreadsheets, often taking hours or even days to execute the most simple of tasks. Some businesses still spend hours of analyst time just moving cells around to format their data in a way that is useful. These days that's not necessary as we have powerful tools such as Alteryx to get the data faster from source to insight. 
Using Alteryx often has benefits other than speed - it removes the potential for human error, It is geared towards producing neat, database-friendly schemas and it can execute a task repeatedly without any additional work. This means that once a workflow for producing a monthly report is built, then every month you just run the workflow and the report can be generated in seconds. 

Alteryx is great at accomplishing complicated tasks, and can often complete multiple data processes in a single workflow. Thanks in part to the modularity of its design, it is also highly extendable. In the unlikely event the default tools cannot accomplish a task, then one can simply be downloaded from the community repository. 

alteryx workflow1.png

At CDO Partners we produce fast proof-of-concept applications partly thanks to Alteryx and our certified consultants. It allows us to speed up processes for clients that previously took days of analyst time and now the process can be applied repeatedly to new data as it comes in for no extra work. It marries beautifully with Tableau - even producing data files in Tableau's native format allowing us to bring value from data quickly, efficiently and repeatedly. 

To celebrate our certification and partnership with Alteryx we've launched our new FLEXpertise service so you can  access our certified Alteryx experts for as little as an hour, or you can subscribe for as little as 10 hours per month.  

For a limited period we are offering 2 hours free support if you register for FLEXpertise - no obligation to subscribe.  So if you are just trialling Alteryx and need a bit of advice, or if you're using it and have hit a bit of a roadblock or if you just want to raise a question please register below to get your free hours!

Click here to sign up for your two free hours!

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