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The Future of Revenue Management: Elastic Pricing Using Analytics

[fa icon="calendar'] 23-Aug-2018 15:30:00 / by Robert Bramwell posted in Agile, 2018, "alteryx", Customer Service, Revenue

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The Importance Of Pricing:

Pricing your goods & services right is essential to making a business profitable. It affects every element of the sales cycle, from attracting customers to sealing deals. Even so, many companies make these decisions from gut feeling or on the back of a napkin at best . Such a crucial element of business success can't be left to chance in today's environment so what if it were possible to predict exactly the right price to maximise your revenue? The answer lies with data. 

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Flexpertise July Update: Feedback Enrichment, Churn in Tableau & Alteryx Price Elasticity Modelling

[fa icon="calendar'] 26-Jul-2018 15:37:59 / by Robert Bramwell posted in Company Update, Making Data Work, data, 2018, Customer Service

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We're excited to celebrate the first successful quarter of Flexpertise, our new subscription service offering hours-based advice, training and support from our qualified Tableau & Alteryx consultants. We've already solved some fascinating challenges for our clients, including churn, elastic pricing, CRM utilisation and many more.

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Accelerating Our Data Prep With Alteryx

[fa icon="calendar'] 15-Mar-2018 14:25:00 / by Robert Bramwell posted in Company Update, Making Data Work, data, 2018

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We're proud to announce that our consultants are now officially certified in Alteryx, a brilliant data-wrangling tool that massively streamlines the process between data collection and valuable insights. 

Historically, data preparation has been a lengthy process. From the days of clerks all the way up until the 21st century, people have been laboriously plugging away at tables and spreadsheets, often taking hours or even days to execute the most simple of tasks. Some businesses still spend hours of analyst time just moving cells around to format their data in a way that is useful. These days that's not necessary as we have powerful tools such as Alteryx to get the data faster from source to insight. 

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Tableau Conference On Tour 2017: New Features In Tableau 10.3

[fa icon="calendar'] 03-Aug-2017 10:26:18 / by Robert Bramwell posted in Company Update, Agile, Tableau

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June saw the data visualisation event of the year: Tableau Conference on Tour 2017. CDO partners had the pleasure of attending, and we're pretty excited to use some of the cutting edge features that Tableau 10.3 has to offer:

One of the most useful is the ability parse PDFs for data tables. Rather than importing them into a scripting environment, parsing, reshaping (and RegEx-ing) the raw text, you can now skip all that and import data tables straight into Tableau. In previous blogs we wanted to blend external data in to contrast against our native dataset, although the data only existed in PDF online.

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How We're Making Data Work For.. Brighton's Digital Jobs

[fa icon="calendar'] 22-May-2017 12:15:45 / by Robert Bramwell posted in Making Data Work

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Have you ever wondered how valuable your professional skills are? We've been working on exactly that: quantifying the demand for workers with digital skills in our local area. 

 We're interested in what it takes to work in the digital industries and what the future holds for digital jobseekers. 

CDO have partnered with Wired Sussex to provide analytics support for their Talent2017 event, leveraging data to the benefit of jobseekers, employers and non-profits in East Sussex. We used simple data science tools like R, Tableau and Alteryx to quickly understand the balance between jobseekers and vacancies in our area. 

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