About CDO Partners

At CDO Partners we’re passionate about the opportunities available to drive change through making data work.  We are dedicated to delivering tangible value rapidly through the innovative use of data and analytics solutions, working with organisations in partnership for the long term to ensure ongoing and consistent return.
We have a set of key beliefs and we've designed services and engagement models in line with these:
  • Businesses that are great at making data work are more efficient, effective and innovative 
  • Making data work isn't a one off project but an ongoing capability - don't stop innovating!
  • The best way to achieve this is working in a genuine partnership with dedicated experts
  • Partnership is built through deep understanding, mutual investment and long term engagement
  • Its vital to be able to deliver rapidly and build for scalability - not throwaway or silo
We start by working to comprehensively understand an organisation, using our Making Data Work framework to get a detailed view of the goals, capabilities and the data and technology available.  We then work collaboratively to identify the areas to really make data work and engage on a rolling basis with a flexible team to deliver rapidly using our highly specialised approaches for building data and analytics solutions and architectures, while guiding the definition and implementation of governance and support models.
Our expert consultants, working in flexible and rotating teams, have skills across every aspect of defining, designing, building and supporting data and analytics solutions and capability, including solutions architecture, platform engineering, data integration, data modelling, data science, analytics and visualisations and the governance processes surrounding these.  We partner with specially chosen market leaders to support technology and tool requirements.